Sunday, May 21, 2017

*NEWS* Pre-order Bex and Elinor Today! A Girl for All Time

Pre-Order today at our special introductory price

You  might have heard that we launched a new crowdfunding campaign just last week.

We are excited to announce that our campaign has now funded over 118% - which means that Bex and Elinor are going into production and are available for pre-order.

Now is the time to purchase these two highly anticipated dolls at our special pre-order prices. After our campaign ends, these introductory rates will no longer be around, so order today while they are still available !

Bex, Your Modern Girl™ - is just $75.00 + shipping
Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl™ - is just $85.00 + shipping



  1. I would love to order Bex but I am so overspent with other things, and hope to order the Hawai'i AG when she comes out later this year, also it's an extra $20 to ship to the US. Do you know what these dolls look like, that is, how they are constructed body wise? The redhead reminds me of the Carpatina dolls, etc. Bex is gorgeous, love her hair!

  2. Since I purchased Lydia to be Elizabeth for my Felicity collection, I instantly saw that Bex would make a perfect Sarah Moore for an Addy collection!