Sunday, May 7, 2017

*NEWS* Crowdfunding Campaign Launching - A Girl for All Time

New Crowdfunding campaign launching next week

Hi we're excited to let you know that you can be among the first to bring home Bex, Your Modern Girl™ or Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl™ -  or both ! -  though our new crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo.

Last year's successful campaign allowed us to launch Your Modern Girl™ and we can't wait to build on that success with this year's campaign for Bex and Elinor.


What happens next ?
We have listened to suggestions from our friends and fans after last year's campaign and we have some fabulous new offers this year including more flexible perks.
  1. Pre Order: You can be the first to bring home Bex and Elinor by pre-ordering the dolls at a special Indiegogo-fabulous price .
  2. Gift Vouchers: You can  purchase discounted gift vouchers to use on our site for existing product lines.
  3. Awards Program: And finally we are excited to offer Ambassador Awards program - this is a free program you can participate in to unlock rewards for yourself by sharing our campaign with friends and family.  So now you can participate without spending a penny!
More information will be sent in the coming week, via new website pages and across our social media platforms and of course  via newsletter.

So keep an eye out for our campaign - we are excited to share the next steps with you!

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  1. They are beautiful dolls. Wishing them much success!