Saturday, November 5, 2016

*International Contest* Pet + Book Set - A Girl for All Time (Amelia’s Inheritance & Ophelia)

'There were also a pair of haughty marmalade cats who matched the Duchess' wig colour. They were called Goneril and Ophelia. Amelia guessed they must be named after the Duchess' triumphant roles in King Lear and Hamlet. She explained this to Effie, who hated not knowing things, as the cats curled up in their laps...'
Ophelia is approximately 12cms from the tip of her nose to her tail. Colours can vary.

Amelia Elliot was half way down the stairs to the school dining hall when her life changed forever.
Before the gong sounded for tea she was an ordinary schoolgirl looking forward to her thirteenth birthday and worrying about her Latin exam. After the gong, she was an orphan sent hurtling into a shadowy world of subterfuge, treachery and unlikely friendship.
In a fight to reclaim the mysterious family chest left to her by her Tudor ancestor Matilda, she begins a thrilling journey which will lead her from glittering ballrooms to the slums of the Rookeries, from society séances to the lime-lit stages of the London music hall.
The second novel in the A Girl for All Time® series, Amelia's Inheritance tells the story of 13-year old orphan Amelia Elliot in Victorian London. 

Amelia's Inheritance is written by BAFTA‐nominated writer and director Sandra Goldbacher. It is a beautifully illustrated 150+ page book with black and white images.

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  • Must be 18+ or have parent permission
  • (No USA entries) - International ONLY
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  • Leave your name and country in comment below
  • Include in your comment your favorite Amelia collection item
Drawing November 13.
Good luck! 

Hello to new readers in Norway! 
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  1. I'd like to enter, but I don't have facebook... Can I enter anyways? I have parent's permission. I love Amelia's stage/ballet costume, it has such detail and is a lovely colour!
    Hannah M. - England

  2. Liked! (Yukari Amane on Facebook).
    I´m in Germany.
    My favourite item from Amelia´s collection is her party dress, it has such adorable detail and is spot-on for her time period.

  3. Count us in! Facebook page is liked!

    We like the opera cloak! It looks so warm and luxurious! Perfect accessory for so many costumes.

    Thanks for the contest!

    Robin (Ginger) - Ottawa, Canada

  4. I really like Amelia's meet dress!
    I'm from Canada. :)


  5. Oops, forgot to leave name in previous comment - Janelle.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!!