Wednesday, November 16, 2016

*GIVEAWAY* 4 Million Views - USA Readers (Closed)

This September, LADL just celebrated it's 4th birthday. Now we are celebrating 4 million views with a giveaway for USA Readers!

LADL aims to provide the latest news and fun seasonal project ideas for all ages and reviews from various doll brands. 
I welcome ALL doll collectors to connect and enjoy friendships from around the world. On behalf of the LADL team, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the USA readers who connect with me here or on Facebook and AGIG.
Enter to win this "Run! Jump! Play!" Dollie - 18 inch Play Doll.  She is wearing an active green jacket with a graphic tee under and shorts with pink leggings. Blue lace up sneakers complete this active look. Straight brown hair with bangs pulled back in a pony tail. Fair complexion. Brown eyes.

  • Must be 18+ or parent permission 
  • USA only 
  • Leave your name in comment section and what was the very first doll you ever received?
Drawing is November 29.
Good luck!
Thank you to the LADL team Madelon, Ticia, Diana, and Linda! 
And thank you to Shelly, Nonna, Fawn, Maria B, Maxine, Shosy, Claudia, Michelle L, Rina and Cindy.


  1. Hi! This is Jenni Rose and I'm 24 from the USA. My first doll was Dollie. I received her from my parents as an infant and I still have her! She has an all cloth body with a vinyl face and I think she squeaks when you squeeze her tummy. Little did I know then that dolls would be my special something forever!

  2. I would like to enter. My very first doll was a Real Baby that had a bunny rabbit sleeper that actually had ears attached to the hoodie. My daughter's very first doll was a baby doll that had a pink sleeper and a matching diaper bag. Baby Alive.

  3. I have parent permission and I reside in the US.
    The first doll (besides a stuffed one that said 'My First Doll') I remember is a baby doll that my grandmother special ordered- brown hair, brown eyes and I named her Hannah. I also was given a Samantha doll when I was six or seven from a lady from church. I still have both Hannah and Samantha!
    ~ Light4theLord

  4. I would like to enter. The first doll that I remember receiving was a baby doll that was starfish themed.

  5. My first doll was my bitty baby i think... I don't remember exactly but she was defiantly my favorite.

  6. I would like to enter. The first doll I remember receiving was a baby doll named Sally, who I took everywhere! 💜

  7. Congratulations! Madelon

  8. The first doll I remember having was a Raggedy Ann cloth doll. I still have her and she is well loved.

  9. I would like to enter. My first doll was a blonde Madame Alexander from Toys R Us

  10. Congratulations on your huge readership #'s and Happy 4th Birthday! My first doll was a rubber baby doll (identity unknown). My older brother bit into her arm, leaving a permanent hole. We were leaving for church, but dolly was naked, so my Mother grabbed a hand-crocheted potholder 'dress', popped off her head & dressed her for church. That potholder became her forever dress! ;)

  11. Congrats on 4 Mil, and your 4th b-day! awesome!

    First doll I can remember was a Mrs. Beasley Doll, I got at Christmas, I was too young to know it was from a tv show, but I loved her to pieces.. literally!! lol.. thanks!
    -Dori A.

  12. My first doll was a Ginny doll! I loved her so much.

  13. My first doll was Kaya from AG. She's very special.

  14. Congrats on your 4th B-Day/4 million views! The first doll that I remember having was a Punky Brewster doll lol :D

  15. I am Rosie Johnson, USA resident. My first doll was a Bitty Baby by AG. She, who I named Martha, was given to me as a "big sister" gift when my little brother was born. Since then, Martha has "acted" in two plays (once as Baby Jesus and once as a newborn princess) and now resides in a special box in my closet.