Wednesday, November 16, 2016

*GIVEAWAY* 4 Million Views - International

  Thank you to LADL International Readers:
Canada, UK, Russia, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Argentina, Ukraine, Colombia, Finland, Portugal, Hungary, Venezuela, Italy, Poland, New Zealand, Moldova, Czech Republic, South Korea, Israel, Norway, South Africa, Greece, Belgium and China!

LADL just turned 4 last September and now we are celebrating 4 million views with a giveaway for international readers. Our readership has grown to 35 countries. 

LADL has become sort of a meeting place for the doll community to discuss various doll related topics. And I love to connect and enjoy friendships from around the world. 
To all of my friends in the doll community all over the world, thank you for stopping by each day. Here's to 4 Million views!

Enter to win the American Girl Ultimate Sticker Collection Book.

  • Must be 18+ or have parent permission 
  • NO USA entries 
  • Leave your name and country in comment section and who your favorite American Girl Character is.
Drawing November 30.
Good Luck!


  1. Congratulations on four million views!!! My favourite AG character is a tie between Felicity and Addy because of their amazing stories!
    Hannah M from England

  2. Wow congratulations on 4 million. My favourite character is Rebecca she was the first AG I read the books of and I formed a deep love and connection with her and she's been my favourite since then. Joey from England.

  3. Woo Hoo! You go, Dolling! Congratulations! (Obviously don't enter me - I just needed to say congrats!)

  4. Congrats! My name is Simone, mom of Julia (1 years old) probably one of the biggest fans from Brazil! Julia has now 24 AG dolls and she made a lot of local friends who are also AG lovers. Her favorite character now is Melody (because she was born in Detroit and I work for Ford Motor Company and sometimes, when I visit this lovely city, I can purchase Ag stuff for her). :)

  5. Congrats on 4 million! Wow! Country is Canada, favourite AG is Maryellen...or Samantha....I can't make a choice as I love them equally for different reasons! Thanks for the chance! Linda

  6. Julie was the first AG character I loved. Catherine from Australia

  7. Wow..., four million views!! Congratulations!! So far I have had only one AG and she is my favourite of course. She is a brown haired and blue eyed JLY. But I'd love to have GOTY Lea, she is beautiful. Best regards from Spain. María.

  8. My favorite doll is Kirsten. We have so much fun together. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.
    From Jayne Ferguson.

  9. What about all the USA fans???!!!! It's not fair, we are just as equal as they are. Can you once make a giveaway for international and USA?


  10. I can see why you're so popular! My name is Loretta Houben and I'm from Canada. My favourite AG character is Samantha.

  11. Congratlations LADL! I'm Michael, I'm from Philippines and I'm an AG fan for 7 years now. My favorite American Girl characters are Maryellen Larkin and Melody Ellison because Maryellen learns to follow her heart instead of the crowd and Melody because she learns that love wins all.

  12. Wow, that's a lot of readers :)
    I'm Alison and I live in the UK. I think my favourite character would be Molly, though I really liked Chrissa's story too.

  13. Congratulations on four million views.
    I'm Kylie and I live in New Zealand. My favourite doll would be Samantha.

  14. Hi
    I am Cecile from France. Congratulations!
    My favourite character would be Kit, I really like her story.