Sunday, October 23, 2016

*Shopping Resources* AG Inspired Doll Outfit Sets $19.99 - Amazon

It’s safe to say that accessorizing and styling your American Girl Doll is probably the best part about owning one of these dolls. The only problem is all that cost of all styling and accessorizing can add up very quickly!

But now is your chance to save big on American Girl Doll-inspired outfits! Amazon has recently dropped the price of American Girl Doll inspired outfit sets to a whopping $19.99. You can get a set of five outfits for $19.99, that’s just $4 each! Stock up on these outfits while you can, because like many sales on Amazon we don’t know how long this price drop will last.

Five Outfits $19.98 - Amazon Link

These dresses are handmade of satin, lace, silk and tulle.Collections do not include shoes, but don’t fret Amazon has doll shoes for an affordable price too.

Thank you Madelon for the links!

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