Thursday, October 13, 2016

*NEWS* Introducing Joan of Arc - Dolls from Heaven

 Joan of Arc is a young maiden turned warrior of France in a time where women becoming soldiers much less Captains of army was unthinkable. Joan of Arc was a courageous girl and was givien a mission by God to lead and free her beloved France from the English during the Hundreds' Year War. We hope that Joan will teach children to be brave and to know that Nothing is Impossible with God. 

Descriptions of the doll: Our Joan of Arc doll is an 18 inch doll that has deep blue eyes that open and close, and straight blond hair. She comes dressed in her armor which include a "chain mill" hooded shirt, an armored breastplate, pants and boots. She also comes with a book, "She is Joan of Arc" based on the life of Joan of Arc. The doll and book is $98. 

 We also have Joan of Arc's accessories which include her banner, an hunter green cape, a St. Joan's medal, and a Holy prayer card. The doll with her accessories and book is $118.

Joan of Arc is the second doll in the Dolls from Heaven line-up, our first doll being Therese of Liseux.  


  1. Wow, she's beautiful! And I love the wholesome message and encouragement for kids to learn about God and about good role models like the saints. :)

    --Michele Grace

  2. And we need them all. My eldest is named for St. Therese!