Thursday, October 6, 2016

Instagram Doll Community - AGIG-ers

More wonderful AGIG accounts! Check these out for beautiful photos, crafts and reviews.



  1. Thanks for sharing. These will be fun to look at! Madelon

  2. LOVE forofsuch!!!

    I don't do social media, so I couldn't like or comment but I really liked the way forofsuch stood up to those SJWs on AGIG who were bullying people for using Addy's and Kaya's clothes on other dolls and not owning a black doll.

    Dolls are a fun hobby for most of us and you're allowed to choose what dolls you want and don't want. You're allowed to be creative and choose what outfits you want to dress them in!!! Only in the AG fandom have I seen such silliness.

    A great list as I'm a fan of others on this post and the previous one!!!

    1. This is forofsuch! Thank you so much for that vote of confidence for me! hugs!

  3. The picture of Melody in the Star Trek outfit is cute. Star Trek started in the 1960's. I'm assuming she is dressed as Uhura. Uhura is supposed to be Swahili for freedom.

  4. That photo of melody looks amazing!!! Makes me excited for Christmas when I will get her!!