Saturday, October 8, 2016

*GIVEAWAY* A Girl for All Time, Clementine - Petalina

This October is Petalina's 10th Birthday!🎈
To celebrate, we are running a whole month of exciting giveaways with exclusive prizes to be won that you won't find on our website!

This week, A Girl for All Time Clementine is up for grabs, signed by the founder of the company, Frances Cain.

The prize also includes her novel, Clementine’s Winter, signed by the author, Sandra Goldbacher.

For your chance to win, simply like our Facebook page and comment below your favourite memory about your childhood doll. We look forward to hearing them!

Don't forget to share with your friends, and keep an eye out for next week's competition.

One entry per person.
All winners will be announced on Petalina's official birthday, October 31st.
Good luck!


  1. Once upon a time when I was thirteen, I saved and saved and saved my allowance so that I could buy Midge, Barbie's best friend. I purchased a lovely redhead. But, alas, she only had a swimsuit, and those clothes cost as much or more than the doll. So I talked my mom into buying me a pattern, giving me scraps from the clothes she had made me, and loaning me her sewing machine. She agreed on one condition that she didn't have to help me with anything because she didn't have the patience or time to do so. I taught myself to use her machine and to sew making a complete wardrobe for Midge. Fifty-three years later I still enjoy sewing and playing with dolls.

  2. I don't have a Facebook account. Do I still have a chance of winning? Clementine is the doll I have been waiting for...
    My first childhood doll was the Brunette Brown Eyed Bitty Baby from AG. She was a present for me when my little brother was born, I was five years old. I called her Martha and pretended to take care of her the way Mom took care of baby Wesley. I still have her.

  3. My favorite childhood doll was Kirsten by The Pleasant Company. My grandmother hand-made replicas of her clothing which I still have to this day. Now my daughter and I still play with Kirsten as well as the other dolls we have added to our collection. Clementine would be such a nice addition!

  4. I received Kirsten for my 6th birthday and loved her! I was bleach blonde as a kid and really liked that Kirsten was blonde too. I enjoyed all six books and loved the focus not only on American culture at the time, but also on her bravery, determination, and kindness.

    I remember I used to always want to braid her hair, and took out the two professionally done braids. One time I did this, her hair got very knotted up and I was so upset. It was around Christmas time, and the next morning, I came downstairs to find Kirsten in front of the Christmas tree with new, neat braids that my mom had fixed!

    Because of American Girls,I'm now a doll collector and I'm actually heading towards becoming an American Studies major and Creative Writing minor at UNC Chapel Hill, so American Girls have almost literally changed my life! One of my all time favorite time periods is the 1940s and I would love to be able to own Clementine!

  5. I still have my Original Samantha Doll... she's retired but I remember always playing with her at my grandma's growing up, but NEVER being aloud to play with her hair.