Friday, September 23, 2016

LADL 4th BIRTHDAY *GIVEAWAY* (International)

International readers can enter to win!
  • Must be 18+ or have parent permission
  • NO USA entries
  • Leave YOUR name/country in comments below
  • Include what LADL feature is your favorite (i.e. reviews, in-store reports, tutorials, etc)
Good Luck!
Winner announced 10/2.


  1. Wow! This is a great giveaway! I've been curious about this book! It's hard to say what I prefer about LADL. I love tutorials (I used your tutorial for Rebecca's make up lately, and did a mini version of it), I love to learn about upcoming AG stuff, I love giveaways (who doesn't!). There are no AG stores in my area, so it's great to see what is in store as well! So you see, I'm a big fan! You are a great team!
    Sophie, from Quebec, Canada (I am 18+!)

  2. I love following you on instagram. Your collection is great and I love your scene set ups.
    Emma Tayler (english_ag_lover), From Suffolk, England. 25.

  3. Happy Biryhday!!!!
    I love checking first thing every morning to see what is happening in the doll world. I love 'scoops' of course, but when there are 'in-store reports', I feel like I am taken on a very happy journey, which I really appreciate.
    April, Australia

  4. I like to see what news you give from the doll world, as in France we do not have AG or Maplelea your blog let me dream about them. I love your tutorial as well as I can adjust them for my Gotz doll ;-) Daniela from France

  5. Hello everyone! I'm Michael from the Philippines and I love LADL because I'm a huge fan of everything 18 inch dolls! My favorite part of the blog are the In-store report because I love seeing new things in AG stores and the Surprise package that Camille gave to you. Willa is a very beautiful doll. Today September 24 marks my 21st birthday and i'm hoping to have a very first American girl item. Thank you LADL for inspiring me! Michael from Manila, Philippines

  6. Congrats to your anniversary! I´m in Germany and my favourite LADL features are tutorials and how-tos. I also enjoyed Willow´s travels (in spite of their sad outcome) and am looking forward to Tammy´s adventures. Steffi from Germany

  7. Oh, I love everything at LADL! But particularly the 'let's talk' posts, as I find it interesting to hear other AG fan's opinions... I also like the reviews of all the different things for 18" dolls. Happy Birthday LADL, and congrats on a blog well done, Rhonda!
    Hannah M. from England

  8. I enjoy your instore reports a lot but also your reviews and announcement of new things available! thanks for the chance to win, Linda in Canada

  9. Joey from England. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary I love and adore this blog it is incredible and my go to for everything doll related. My favourite thing is the variety that you showcase, you don't just focus on one doll brand you share about products and dolls from many differnt brands which helps know what variety is out there in the wonderful world of dolls.

  10. Hello
    Congratulations for your 4th anniversary. I love everything on your blog but I prefer reviews, in store reports and tutorials.
    Thank you very much for this giveaway.
    Cecile from France.

  11. Hello from England! I enjoy seeing the in store reports - we can buy Our Generation dolls in some toy stores here but they don't take all the lines and it's great to see the variety available. I really like the reviews too, especially the ones with lots of details.

  12. Isabelle from Canada. I like the American Girl leaks and info about the American Girl dolls!

  13. Hey! my name is Diego Mardones and im from Chile...its really hard to pick a favorite part but ill say the reviews, and the in store reports too, and this is my number one place to find news about rumors. Im mostly active on youtube but i love love your blog too!! Thanks for doing this even if i dont win, ive been wanting this since the pre-order, i always fall in love with stuff/books like this💕

  14. Hi! Im Angelita from the Philippines (but living in Romania). I always look forward to new reviews and instore reports from LADL as its so cool to see doll sized items! Good luck to everyone entering!

  15. Hello,

    My name is Jayne and I am from New Zealand.
    My favorite LADL feature is the tutorials but I love all the stuff on your blog.
    I love making things for my American Girl doll Kirsten.
    We have so much fun together making the crafts and having tea parties and picnics.
    I am very sad at the moment because I am in hospital and I can't play with her.
    I hope I can come home soon and play with her.


  16. Well, I can't say no to a giveaway in honour of LADL's birthday! Hello from Ottawa! I really enjoy seeing the wide variety of doll products--there's so much out there and I love to see how creative folks get. My girls and I adore tuning in. :)

    Here's to another 4 years!

    Robin from Ottawa, Canada