Sunday, September 6, 2015

*Review* 28" Barbie Fashionista Dress

I tried the Barbie Fashionista gown with mixed results.

It has lovely netting and is very beautiful from the front. It closes to fit JG Meredith doll.


I tried it on an AG doll. 

It did not close at all in back.
It's a lovely dress for JG dolls to wear.

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  1. Hi Madelon, Glad to see you tried this. I had the outfits in my hands yesterday when I went looking for the My Life As costumes that Rhonda post at the Walmart here in Atlanta, did not find any. The Barbie dress did not look like they would fit any of the 18" dolls because of the shape of the Barbie doll, so I did not get any. I also did not like the more adult looking style of the outfits, which is typical of Barbie. The one you picked we did not have here in Atlanta, it is very pretty. I do think it would need a little alteration to fit the JG dolls. I wish JG would stop using so much black in the outfits, I do not purchase them if they have black material or black boots, too many bad experience with stains on dolls. thanks for sharing your finds. Diana