Thursday, August 20, 2015

TBT - DIY Princess Tea Party Ideas (Doll Party Series)

Some of you may collect Disney Princess dolls too. I thought I would share some TBT tea party ideas. 

The following photos are from my Princess Party business (I've since retired). We did community events as well as private birthday parties. At our Tea Party Graduation the last day of our Princess Summer Camp, we decorated the Parks and Rec Center with beautiful pinks and purples.
Here are several party ideas for a Victorian Tea or a Garden Party. Invite your 16" Disney Princess dolls and 18" dolls. This would be a perfect time to use any tea sets, tea foods, bakery items, NOLA treats table, Gazebo, Samantha's serving cart, etc for the doll party scene. (We had several raffle prizes where we gave away Princess doll filled baskets!)

We had three tables set for six guests. Paper plates, plastic cups and utensils of course for easy cleanup.

Our tables were covered in rose petals, with flower filled vase centerpieces. A tulle covered lamp shade and decorative tissue paper pom poms hung over the tables.


Each guest received a goodie bag and wand decorated in tulle.

Our buffet table had several levels of trays and serving dishes.

I made this cupcake holder using boxes - covered in craft foam and ribbon.

Silver trays from the Dollar Tree.

This was the parents table for those who wanted to see the graduation. Scattered rose petals and a collection of tea pots for a centerpiece.


Strips of tulle and tissue paper pom poms hung from a curtain rod brought color to an open window while allowing sunlight in.

I painted and decorated birdhouses and crafted a topiary out of left over silk flowers - Dollar Tree.

To make this thrifty find lamp shade - we removed the fabric exposing the frame then decorated with tulle.


Entering the tea party.

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