Tuesday, July 7, 2015

*REVIEW* The Miniature Cafe - Doll Food + Giveaway

Rachel is a young business woman. Her shop is amazing! Her doll food is so incredibly life like, but the attention to detail doesn't stop there.

Each individual piece is sealed in a plastic baggie, they arrive inside a bakers box. Even the tissue paper is fit to size making the presentation very professional.

The peanut blossom cookie is TEXTURED and the cupcake has real looking frosted swirls.

 The chocolate chip cookie looks fresh out of the oven. The hot dog is my favorite!!

The hot dog is perfect sized for doll hands!

  All three sweets fit on a doll size plate too.

In addition to these items, you can buy lunch sets, fruit sets, burger and chips, brownies, croissants and much much more! They all come beautifully packaged and look life like!

Currently The Miniature Cafe ships only within the USA. 
This giveaway contest is for International Readers! One lucky winner can receive all that you see here:
  • chocolate cupcake
  • peanut blossom cookie
  • chocolate chip cookie
  • hot dog with mustard

Enter to win:
  1. Leave a comment below you're entering contest
  2. Include your name and country
  3. Must be 18+ or have parents permission
  4. No USA entries
Good luck! Drawing is July 24.


  1. I recently discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it! Thank you for the giveaway, I'd like to enter the contest. The doll food items look very well made.
    Natalia Stoeva from Canada

  2. The food looks very real! :D
    I would like to enter :)

    Iris van Son, the Netherlands

  3. Those are really cute and look well made! I'd love to enter the giveaway! Thanks!

    Sophie T, Quebec, Canada

  4. SO cute! I'd love to enter!
    Hannah M. from the UK

  5. They look amazing! I have organised a doll baking day tomorrow for my daughters and their friends with dolls, but I predict the outcomes will not look nearly so neat and fancy...
    Good luck everyone!
    April, Australia

  6. Good luck. I'm in the USA. Good luck to everyone outside our borders!

  7. Those look amazing! Enter me please
    Carolyn R in Ontario Canada

  8. Wow, those look so real! I want to join too.
    Somarie P. from Poland

  9. I love these! Please enter me,
    Lisa M from Australia.

  10. Perfect for my chocolate chip cookie lover.
    Who can't resist beautifully crafted choco chip cookies?
    I would like to enter please and I have a parent's permission!
    JJ from Saudi Arabia

  11. Please enter me in the give away, this set is too cute! Daniela from France

  12. Such cute food. Tania from Canada

  13. Im entering Im KayKay and im in Canada I have permission

  14. This young girl's work is amazing. Such talent and I love that she is working along with her Dad.
    Such an enterprising young lady! Very impressed! Please enter me, thank you, Jean from Canada.

  15. I'd love to enter!!
    Emily from Ontario,Canada

  16. Thank you - this contest is now closed.