Saturday, May 30, 2015

*Reader Photos* WINNER - Amelia, Your Victorian Girl

Amber, winner of the Amelia doll giveaway contest sponsored by A Girl for All Time, sent in beautiful photos just as Amelia arrived.

Hi Rhonda,
Thanks so much for the opportunity to win Amelia, A Girl for All Time doll. She arrived safely. Even though Ava, my 2 year old, claimed her because she looks like Rapunzel. I'm not allowed to touch her hair! I guess I'm sharing. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway and thanks to A Girl for All Time for making such wonderful dolls. 


  1. congrats Amber.
    enjoy her!
    - CommieGirls Owner

  2. So sweet!! A girl and her doll … one of my favorite things.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the last one as girl and doll have the same expression!!

  4. Beautiful. That laat picture is priceless.

  5. To me she actually looks more like Elsa than Rapunzel...but maybe that's just because I've seen Frozen a lot and I've never seen Tangled. (I don't want my hair getting any ideas!)