Friday, February 20, 2015

Corolle Dolls - Barnes and Noble

I was at B&N and made my way to the children's toy area. There are lots of AG craft projects (the kind sold at Michael's), but I stumbled upon Corolle baby dolls!! This is NEWS to me! I had no idea B&N sold Corelle dolls.


  1. That's where my baby, Hiro, came from! (Like your middle picture but dressed in blue stripes)

    1. Yep, that's "China Baby"! I have the mini bean bag type like in the middle photo, only she's dressed in a red and white top w/ flowers and red pants.

  2. The first one is actually really cute! If you stroll down the baby isle in Walmart, it can be kind of creepy, but I think these ones aren't too bad. :)

  3. They're soo cute! Just love their toddler line. My Daughters will be getting a few things from the brand this Easter. I really appreciate that they still make some in Spain! I hope B&N have their clothing? Doubt it though..I'll have to stop into mine and check this out. Thank You Rhonda

  4. A local toy shop carries these and several of the accessories. They are super cute and excellent for younger kids.