Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY - Table Top BBQ Grill

Julie and Ivy will be bringing the hibachi to summer camp. 

If you don't have Julie's hibachi - you can make a BBQ Grill for your dolls to use this summer!

  • Wooden box 
  • Skinny sticks 
  • Black flat paint 
  • Metallic silver paint
  • 4 bottle caps or wooden feet
  • Hot glue
  • Brillo pads, cotton balls or black pom poms

 First choose either a round top BBQ or a flat one.

Remove any front latch hardware.

Paint the entire box black - inside / out.
Hot glue the feet onto the bottom then paint the caps or wooden feet black. 

In my tutorial I used bottle caps.

Begin hot gluing skinny sticks to create a grate, then paint the skinny sticks metallic silver.

Dollar Tree has aluminum Grill Toppers that are easy to cut and can be used in place of the skinny stick grate.


Attach the large craft stick handle to the front of the lid with hot glue. You can use bottle caps to extend the handle out. I covered the craft stick in shiny scrapbook paper.

Cut Brillo pads to size for coals or use black poms poms. 
In this tutorial I painted cotton balls.

It's time to GRILL!!!!


  1. How cute! I have Julies grill but dor a big doll party it would be neat to have a really long one. Gonna use.this idea! Thank you for posting!

  2. Really cute!!!! You did a wonderful job. The girls will love it!!

  3. Seem to be having trouble posting comments! Wanted to tell you what a great project this is with clear directions and source info. Will need to make one for summer camp. You have a great blog...look forward to seeing it every day!

  4. Fabulous! Great idea and just in time for all the summer grilling!