Sunday, December 25, 2016

*FEATURE* A Savior Is Born


  1. This is so wonderful! I have been planning to do an 18 inch doll Nativity next year since finding the pattern at Pixie faire. That will be my project for next year, collecting the dolls, animals and making the costumes for them as well as the manger scene. I have made a 1:6 scale nativity using fashion dolls and created the costumes from scratch which was fun, but this looks a bit more challenging because of the scale and more materials involved. Thank you for the pictures, I loved the headdresses on the 3 wise men.

  2. Thank you Lisa! Sure wish I knew about the pattern at Pixie Fare!!!! I searched and searched for a pattern!! Because I could not find one, I made a simple one myself by loosely tracing around the dolls, flairing out on the sleeves and robe. I folded the paper in half to redo to make sure each side was a mirror image. I cut up a sheet for the white robes. The striped and solid colors are place mats and napkins that I purchased at Goodwill for 49 cents each. Addy's headress was a lucky find for about 49 cents, again at Goodwill. The stable is just a folded piece of cardboard with two dowels hot glued on.