Tuesday, September 13, 2016

*NEWS* A Girl for All Time - Huffington Post

Frances is the founder of A Girl for All Time® and is committed to designing toys as intelligent and creative as the girls that inspire her. Twice nominated ‘Top 100 Women in UK Toys’, Frances is the acting UK Chairwoman for the international non-profit organization, Women in Toys, which is dedicated to promoting and supporting women in the toy industry. 

Feminism. Equality. Gender-bias ... Children’s toys.

You might not see an immediate connection between these four things, but in reality, children’s toys can have a significant impact on the other three. Children are lovely little sponges that soak up the information we give them from an early age. And the message we are sending them about our girls’ role in society and their place in our culture can be a powerfully negative one, fuelled at times by the gender-biased products found in traditional toys for boys and girls.

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